The 10 Things Challenge

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Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic is the ideal time for some self reflection, self development and proactive change! 

The pandemic changed everything. Much of the life you previously lived has changed – perhaps temporarily, perhaps more permanently. How much of your previous life do you want to go back to? What do you want to be different about life now? And what is this showing you about what is most important to you?

These and all sorts of others questions about yourself and your life will be addressed in a simple, self directed, fun and encouraging way through The 10 Things Challenge. 

Imagine then – all of the above plus addressing these questions:

Would you love to gain greater self awareness and confidence but don’t know where to start?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with negative self belief, feeling worthless or rejected?

Are you always comparing yourself to others, struggling to accept yourself and what you are good at?

Are you unsure of your skills and abilities, or how to use them, and don’t know what the next step is?

Is life too busy to invest in self development or goal setting programmes or courses?

Then The 10 Things Challenge is for you!

“… discover just how exciting life can be when you’re equipped to make the most of it! (Vet)

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How does The 10 Things Challenge work, and what will you get out of doing it?

  • you receive a daily challenge via email to list 10 things in a given category, every week day for 30 days
  • your lists are just for you to see and keep – you don’t need to show them to me
  • categorisation and application questions then pull it all together and create a much bigger picture
  • clear ideas about how to take action straight away on things you can do or change follow
  • a personal 90 minute coaching session with me enables you to process what you have discovered, and become inspired to see yourself and create a purpose-filled future!

“…really useful in helping me to be kind to myself, by encouraging me to focus on the things I can offer to the world. It has brought a sense of clarity and direction as I try to move forward in my life and set some goals. Also very helpful to have someone who is a skilled listener hear you talk about your life and reflect back the significant themes that come out” (Actor)

  • follow up to keep you encouraged and inspired

What does The 10 Things Challenge cost?


 – includes all the 30 Challenge emails, introduction and all follow up emails, and a personal 90 minute coaching session by Skype or phone from the comfort of your own home.  

(Previously £85)

But your investment buys so much more…..greater self-belief and understanding of how to achieve your potential not just now, but into the future – all in an easy to follow, accessible and very practical way.

All the benefits of a self help book plus

the motivation and inspiration of a coach alongside you

to enable you to create your own solutions and life goals.

It is a great thing to do as a couple as it provides a fantastic opportunity to talk about yourselves, your relationship and your future in a directed and structured way without the cringe factor!

So if you are living in lockdown with a partner, and you both have time and a desire to grow together, this is for you!

How do I sign up to do The 10 Things Challenge?

Signing up and payment are easy!

Click the PayPal button below. You will be directed to pay for your Challenge via the PayPal website.

On completion of payment, your email address will be automatically added to The 10 Things Challenge.

You will be sent a Welcome email with further information and guidelines on how to get the most out of the challenge.

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Do please add the address the email was sent from to your address book to ensure all subsequent emails arrive safely. All the emails are written by me, come from me but are powered by Aweber. Your personal information is kept confidential and not shared with anyone.

And that is you!

Your first Challenge will arrive in your inbox on the next Monday after you sign up. Enjoy, and I look forward to meeting you at the end of your challenges. Any problems, email me on

So – sign up for The 10 Things Challenge here!

What do those who have completed The 10 Things Challenge say about it?

In addition to the comments scattered about this page, here are some more observations –

“…exceeded my expectations. It helped me in many ways. I learned that as I stand today I have a cool story to tell….discovered more how I can love myself. The challenge helped me to organise my big life worries … felt like I was organising my brain with a little help from Catriona. The session with her was incredibly helpful and encouraging.” (Mayleena, Student)

“Made me ask, what do I want to do and what am I about.”(Scientist)

“Very cathartic, and gave me courage and conviction to keep going. A good gentle stepping stone to work my way forward to the future and get a more positive outlook on life.” (Teacher)

“Through the daily challenges I came to understand more about my journey so far and how all I have learnt along the way can help me realise my dreams for the future.” (Mum/volunteer)

In this short video, I introduce The 10 Things Challenge, and explain how it works. I will answer some of your questions about why to do the Challenge, and inspire you to take it up!

From someone who has completed the Challenge:

“Great to see it [my life] all laid out – it has given me more self acceptance and enjoyment of myself, and I am inspired to believe in myself more. It doesn’t take much time to do, and is fun and enjoyable.” (Teacher/mum)

“Tremendously insightful…a real catalyst for change.”

Want to know the very personal story of how I came to write the 10 Things Challenge? You can read my story here and that of the one for whom the Challenge was created.

You can unsubscribe at any time (although you would then forfeit the remainder of the Challenge). Your personal information is not passed on to any other party. Further information on Privacy here.