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Don’t take my word for how powerful and effective coaching is – after all, I am going to be biased!

Instead, here are some kind words and testimonies from satisfied and happy clients:

I came to Catriona at a very low point in my life and she was very instrumental in helping me lift myself out of that. It was amazing to have someone who was able to coach me on personal, spiritual andprofessional levels. She was so encouraging; I received unexpected and touching emails in between our sessions when I least expected them (and sometimes when I needed them the most). She had a talent for asking me difficult questions, but always ones that needed to be answered. One year on and I’m in a very much better place in my life, in large part due to Catriona’s support. I find it hard to put into words how great a coach Catriona is so I’d say just try her out for yourself. I’ve already said she charges too little for the value you get so probably best do it soon!

Self employed business entrepreneur

Shifting from a confused, tired place through to a position of hope for my future has been greatly helped by Catriona’s tremendous compassion, keeping focused when I was all over the place, affirming follow-up and insightful questions. Would highly recommend coaching sessions with one genuine wise woman.”


I found the life-coaching immensely helpful, thanks to Catriona’s ability to listen, probe questions and inspire me to navigate through the issues of busyness. I would highly recommend life-coaching to anyone who has ever wondered if chaotic life-work balance could be improved – it can!”

Self-employed business person

Life coaching has enabled me to understand myself more, to understand why I react the way I do and to be able to respond better to situations life throws at me


 It is very helpful to have someone who is a skilled listener hear you talk about your life and reflect back the significant themes that come out.”


Life coaching has been one of the most positive experiences of my life! Primarily, I appreciated how self-directed it was. Catriona helped me put words to things that were inside of me. She drew out what was already there and helped empower me to move forward in goals and action points that I set myself. That structure or direction of support was so key for me! I truly felt empowered and reminded of who I am and who I am on a journey towards becoming.”

Christian project worker

Catriona’s positive and insightful approach helped to draw out the important issues for the next step forward.”


This woman really has helped me work towards becoming my best self and even enjoy the journey! I highly recommend her services. Thank you Catriona, the last 6 months have been great.”

Children and Families Worker

It was great to have someone to go to at a time when I had some confusion in my life. Life coaching from Catriona meant that she listened to where I was at and I was able to talk about a situation that I knew I needed to move on from. Unlike counseling, we did not stay focused on dealing with that situation. Catriona helped me to name and identify the very real issues, but also to look positively at myself and at other things in my life. She encouraged me to look ahead and dream dreams; and to think about my strengths, skills, core values and God-given gifts. This was dedicated time for me – permission to talk about myself and my life and faith. I was in a place where I felt small and trapped. Now I’m in an open space – it’s still challenging and I’m learning all the time, but I have a sense of God’s presence and love with me all the way as I become closer to the person He planned for me to be.

Newly retired

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