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Team Coaching

Do you work with a small team?

Perhaps you started out in business on your own, and are now working with a team as business has grown? Maybe there has been re-organisation or restructuring within the team or the company, but no breathing space to stop and look together at the bigger questions of where the business is going.

How well is your team working together? How clear are you on your shared vision and direction for the business, company or organisation? How often do you take time out as a team to regroup, rediscover your vision and purpose, and become re-energised?

Imagine having time together with your team that ticks these boxes and more –

“a good brainstorming session”

“great to get everyone together and discuss issues that have been developing for a while”

“everyone got a say in an informal atmosphere”

“very useful and positive”

“good ideas for the future”

These are all comments about team coaching sessions that I have facilitated.

Team coaching: what could your team achieve?

Team coaching: what could your team achieve?

It can be easy to get a little stuck in the day-to-dayness of working life, to become focused on WHAT we do rather than remembering WHY we do it in the first place. Sometimes it can feel that everyone is pulling in different directions, or the emphasis is on achievement and output.

But somewhere along the way, the original vision and passion for why you are working with this team has been lost.

Equally, it might be that there has been some restructuring within your team recently, or the business has entered a new phase – everyone is working well together, but it is hard to find the time to step back and be clear on vision, priorities, communication and how to grow the team’s effectiveness.

This is where an objective, highly motivated and enthusiastic external facilitator can be very useful.

Why Team Coaching?

I facilitate team coaching sessions with small teams to help you –

  • be clear on your vision
  • know what your key aims and top priorities are
  • develop strategies and action plans about how to implement them
  • explore ways to improve and develop communication
  • and discuss who is required to do what, including looking at the strengths of the team, and it’s individual members, and what the training and development needs are

This is tailored to YOUR business, and the issues and challenges you are facing, and I work hard to ensure the outcomes of the day meet with your needs and expectations.

Here is what others have said about team coaching sessions that I have facilitated:

Just Trading Scotland, Team of Four:

Thank you all for the huge amount of prep and thought you put into making the JTS team session so participative and fun as well as productive. I feel very privileged to be working with the team at JTS and yesterday simply served to reinforce that. I found the day really inspiring. It was really good to take time out as a team, there were really good open communications amongst the team, I felt very listened to and included in all discussions, and it was great fun. What came out of the session was the shared team passion and common goals, the importance of always asking ‘why’, and lots of practical outcomes that we now need to implement. 10 out of 10!”                              Tracy Mitchell

 Very useful session – as a new team I think this was essential to establish where we are and where we want to be, and how we intend to get there.”                                Nicola Taylor 

 More than met my expectations – usually these things are boring and samey. It felt like 5 friends having coffee.”                                                                                               Martin Hamilton 

Scottish SPCA Vet Department, team of 15:

The Team vision session exceeded my expectations, we covered far more than I had anticipated and in a more practical/achievable way. It was very positive, and very useful. I have already started implementing some of the suggestions that we all made! The session was very positively received by all the staff.”                                                                              Jo Neilson

The session was a good mixture of discussion and listening. It has put a definite structure in place that we should be able to follow to make positive changes.”                              Jacqueline Rushford

Interested in Team Coaching? What are the next steps?

Interested? Sounds like something that your team would benefit from? The next step is for us to have an informal conversation about what you need, what your team needs, and how I might best be able to facilitate a team coaching session for your team. Or simply get in touch if you want to find out a little more.

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