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Help! I shouldn’t need Christian Life Coaching!

So, as a Christian, you’re supposed to be happy, joy-filled, content with your lot and living the full life, right? We should be secure in our identity, confident in our purpose in life, and willingly surrendering our lives to God and not seeking to run them ourselves. Of course you shouldn’t need Christian Life Coaching, and what is it all about anyway?Christian Life Coaching

Do I hear a little nervousness, an inkling of discomfort? Hooray! Not just me then.

Because life can be hard, challenging, and lonely for any of us as Christians, and I believe that willingness to be honest and real allows us to share, learn and grow together. I have spoken here recently about the struggles affecting my marriage and the impact of depression on husband. Depression can be a particularly prickly subject for Christians to speak openly about. I am learning that pretending to be fine and putting on the front that you expect the world to value and like carries a high cost, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


My faith is central to what I do, whether I talk openly about it or not.

And for those clients who come specifically for Christian Life Coaching, we have opportunities to explore issues like –

  • identifying the lies and negative self talk that can cripple and trap us
  • understanding where we seek approval, and the danger of feeling ‘not good enough’
  • understanding the ‘false self’ we often portray to others, and to accept and love our true selves as God sees us
  • breaking free of these lies, and living instead as the masterpiece God created each of us to be (Ephesians 2:10)
  • growing in self understanding and how your character engages best with God
  • how to have deeper, more relevant times with God that promote spiritual growth and development
  • living in relationship with God and not under a set of rules
  • practical steps towards better rhythms and practices that develop your relationship with God, plus support and accountability along the way
  • understanding where and why we seek to run our lives ourselves
  • the importance of resting in God, and learning simply to ‘be’ not ‘do’
  • growing in surrender to and reliance on God
  • learning to care appropriately for ourselves, so we can be the best of us for others
  • what am I good at, what are my values, strengths, experiences and motivators
  • how do these jigsaw pieces fit together into who God has uniquely made me to be?
  • understanding more what on earth is my purpose – or what is my purpose on earth?
  • restored hope for future roles and opportunities, based on a greater understanding of who we are becoming rather than what we are doing

In the words of one client –

Catriona helped me to name and identify the very real issues, but also to look positively at myself and at other things in my life. She encouraged me to look ahead and dream dreams; and to think about my strengths, skills, core values and God-given gifts. This was dedicated time for me – permission to talk about myself and my life and faith. I was in a place where I felt small and trapped. Now I’m in an open space – it’s still challenging and I’m learning all the time, but I have a sense of God’s presence and love with me all the way as I become closer to the person He planned for me to be.”

I lived for many years pretending to be fine, not really understanding who I was or how God could possibly use me. It is exhausting. I cheated myself and cheated God, who loves me the way HE made me, and simply longs for me to accept that and enjoy our relationship.

If you are reading this, and any of it resonates, can I encourage you to get in touch? Together we can work towards stronger foundations and freedom in who God has made you to be. Christian Life Coaching can open the door for you to live as the masterpiece God created you to be.