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Wishing you deep peace

Deep peaceChristmas is nearly on us…only a few days to go. You, me, most other people living in our Western society, are up to our ears in plans, preparations, cooking, cleaning, festivities, shopping, wrapping. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your level of peace? Seems a bonkers question – and yet, what underlies it are the same issues.

What is most important to me?

Why am I doing what I am doing?

How am I taking a little time to care for myself in the midst of everything, so I can give more of my best to others?

How am I loving those around me?

This week, these words are running through my mind –

Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you.
Deep peace of Christ,
of Christ the light of the world to you.
Deep peace of Christ to you.

John Rutter

I encourage you and me both to stop. Just for a minute. To breathe, to pay attention to the moment – the quiet, the stars, the light.

To recognise that we are unique and extraordinary human beings, and that we are part of something much bigger than just ourselves.

Whether you have a faith or not, to recognise and cherish the central role of love, grace and kindness at this time of year – especially to those for whom this season is really hard.

Deep peace – just imagine that with me for a moment. That is my hope for you over this Christmas season – that you would know peace and contentment in who you are and what matters most to you.

Merry Christmas!

Waiting in expectation.

Waiting in expectationOnly 11 sleeps to go….sadly, in our house the children are old enough to have lost some of the magic of the anticipation of Christmas. There is still much excitement, and planning and looking forward – as much to a holiday from school as anything else! But I remember with dewy eyed fondness the sweet, innocent wonderment in their eyes when they were little, the wide open faces of expectation, the sheer magic of it all.

Patience concerns a particular form or way of waiting;

it is one filled with expectation.

Robert Sardello, in The Power of Soul


As grown ups, do we ever feel like that about things we are waiting for?

What does it mean for us to wait with that kind of expectation, anticipation, mystery and wonderment?

How quickly do we get stuck in the instant-gratification way of living? Wanting what we want now, and without any hard work thank you very much. How often do we wait impatiently, consumed with to-do lists, lost in what comes next and not noticing what is happening now?

When you think about this Christmas season, what is it that you are waiting for, and what is most important within that? We easily get lost in the preparations and stress and risk losing sight of the mystery and wonderment of this season – at least I know I do.

Getting it all done, and getting it all done right, can take over from actually enjoying it.

Waiting in expectation, waiting with patience, and understanding that what happens within the waiting time is important.

Pull right back from life with me for a minute – what would you most want to change about yourself? About your life? It takes time – how well do you wait, show patience in the waiting, and remain expectant of the outcome you desire?


Waiting without the whole story.

Just a little story this week – pause with me for a minute and think about this, and what it challenges in you.

Two beggars knocked on the door asking for bread. One beggar was given a loaf and sent away. The other was kept waiting and waiting. At length, the second beggar became concerned.

“Why am I being denied? What is so lacking in me that the other one was favoured over me?” he asked himself. Unknown to the beggar, a fresh loaf was being baked for him inside the house.

Jamal Rahman, in The Fragrance of Faith

Patience in the process of waitingHow often do we see things in two dimensions, with our own filters on, and solely from our own limited perspective?

Perhaps this Advent waiting season is a chance to stop and think –

How quick are we to make judgements on circumstances or events around us?

Are we living life at a frantic pace, and what do we risk by not slowing down?

What blessings await us as we show patience in the process of waiting?

How can we show grace, kindness, gratitude even in the uncertainty and lack of clarity during the wait?

Simply food for Advent thought.


Advent waiting

We have entered the season of Advent, as we anticipate and count down towards Christmas. I generally love pretty much everything to do with Christmas, but I love it in December. Not before.Advent waiting

These next four weeks, my reflections are going to be short, and focused on waiting, with a little quote or observation from someone else. I have written many, many words this year, and this is not the time for long screeds to read.

Two things have struck me of late. Advent is a season of waiting, and yet often we lose sight of this in all the busyness, build up, and preparations. What does it mean to wait well? What are we waiting for – not just at Christmas, but in our lives in general?

Advent is also the anticipation of Christmas, whatever that might mean to you. Central to that is love, grace, generosity, hope and peace. But I know that these things can quickly get trampled out of my life in the weeks running up to Christmas, as my focus slips and my mind becomes preoccupied.


So I give you this as food for thought –

Being made to wait has another benefit.

It helps us figure out what we truly want and what really matters to us. . . .

Remembering that some things are worth waiting for helps us decide what it is that is worth the wait,

Advent waiting without seeingand to prize it truly when we do receive it.”

MJ Ryan in The Power of Patience