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Scottish Motivational speaker

Catriona Futter Scottish Motivational Speaker

Catriona Futter – Scottish Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a Scottish motivational speaker for a forthcoming event or conference?

Perhaps you are looking to arrange a continuing professional development event for your work or business?

Maybe you are looking for something a little different for you or your team – an enhanced perspective, a fresh outlook?

Are you looking for a presentation that will make your team or delegates think about work and life in a new way? That will stop them in their tracks?

What will you gain from having me as speaker at your event?

In this hectic and demanding world, imagine having an hour at a conference to stop, look at life from the outside and be guided towards a fresh perspective. To gain

  • a challenging and inspiring presentation that will encourage listeners to be the best version of themselves
  • the key to understanding what the real secret is to that mythical phrase “work/life balance
  • the four key consequences of loss of balance
  • scope to explore bigger picture life issues like roles, priorities, energy drainers
  • time to think outside the box
  • clear ideas, practical tools and action points that can be implemented immediately that will make a difference and enable you and your team to function better in work, and in life.

I came out of that event challenged and ready to make some very timely changes in my life. In a simple but inspiring way, Catriona outlined the tools to make the necessary changes that I needed and wanted to make.”

Contact me now to find out more and have a conversation about whether I am who you are looking for.

What do I have to offer?

I am a life coach with a passion for helping each individual understand their unique design and worth, and life a fulfilling, purpose-full life. Coaching is the process of moving from where you are to where you would like to be. In my work as a motivational speaker, I open up the possibility for those listening to achieve exactly that.

In my previous work as a physiotherapist, I spent many hours working with those who had lost their balance. I worked with them to help them regain stability and strength, and find a way forward. As a motivational speaker I aim to promote thoughtful consideration by using many analogies from our own bodies and the loss of physical balance to mirror the impact of loss of balance in our lives.

When we are presented with new information, we tend to ask ourselves four broad questions – ‘what’,’ why’,’ how’ and ‘so what’. I am a pragmatist, enthusiastic strategist and gifted problem-solver. This is why I love to coach people to come up with solutions to their own situations and challenges.

I tend most towards asking ‘so what’ and that is always my focus as a motivational speaker. You and your delegates will have sat and listened to me, but so what? What difference is that going to make to your life? What about your business – you have come to this conference to learn, network, and gain new ideas.

It is therefore imperative for me that you leave with some clear ideas and action points. Practical ideas that you can action immediately. In doing so, you will move more towards the life you would like to be living, or enhance the life you already live. As a female motivational speaker, I use my own unique perspective, along with new ways of thinking, practical ideas and tools to empower my audience to believe they can make the changes they desire.

Looking for a Christian perspective on regaining balance?

Are you a church group or organisation looking for a Christian, Scottish motivational speaker with a bit of a difference?

Perhaps you run a women’s group, and are looking for a female speaker who is well versed in the challenges of juggling multiple commitments and roles in this busy, demanding world.

I also work as a Christian Life Coach, and love to inspire and encourage Christian audiences to think about what it truly means to love God, love their neighbour and love themselves:

  • What does this look like alongside our call to serve,
  • How do we learn to care for and invest in ourselves appropriately?
  • How do we learn to live without guilt or comparisons, enjoying being the people God has made us each to be?
  • How can we learn to live out the purpose He has given each of us?

There are answers, and keys to these challenging questions, and I would love to share them with you!

So what’s next?

If you would like to find out more:

Phone me for a chat to see if I am who you are looking for,

07713 974138


or send me an inquiry by filling in this form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Past Scottish motivational speaker engagements:

Women’s group, Bearsden Baptist Church

Ruchill Church of Scotland Weekend Away

Scottish Podiatry Conference 2015, Kilmarnock

The Women’s Engineering Society, Glasgow

Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Ayrshire Branch

ARK Cafe, Newmains

Whiteinch Church Women’s breakfast, Glasgow

In my career as a physiotherapist, I spoke numerous times on my specialist research field to wide and varying audiences. I have experience delivering well-presented and information packed talks to many different sizes of audience, from small informal groups of students, larger groups of physiotherapists and nurses, to several hundred plastic surgeons at The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons annual meeting.


Inspired? Encouraged? Get in touch!

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