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Price and Programmes

Life coaching is the process of moving from where you are to where you want to be. For each person, this will be different – no one else will be starting from where you are, will have your unique combination of skills, values, experiences and expectations, and will be wanting to move towards your goals.

And therefore I do not offer one-size-fits-all coaching packages or monthly payments, but a tailored approach that is unique to what you are looking to achieve, your time scale and budget.

Options available include –

The 10 Things ChallengeThe 10 Things Challenge

Self-motivated? Looking for a challenge? Want to change the way you see yourself and your future, and gain greater confidence and clarity? Like lists? Then The 10 Things Challenge coaching programme is for you:

This [challenge] has helped me in ways above and beyond anything I could have imagined…so helpful to see all the aspects of ‘me’ written out in front of me and quite amazing to suddenly be able to see underlying threads and patterns that I had not previously made a connection with.  It was tremendously insightful and a real catalyst for change. The whole process has been enormously helpful and I no longer feel the sense of overwhelm which led me to you in the first place.
From Pat Marsh, a recent satisfied client!
The 10 Things Challenge is mainly email based, with one 90 minute session at the end, and costs £95.
For more information, and to book your place, visit here.

Individual Life Coaching

Tailored to you, your investment includes: focused, structured and empowering self development through one hour coaching sessions, email or text support, worksheets, and encouraging, supportive accountability throughout the whole process.

1 session – £50

4 sessions – £185

Block booking 4 sessions is a great way of committing to the process and giving yourself permission to fully invest in yourself and your future. The number of sessions required varies for everyone – this is a tailored process to your specific needs. More information here.

Payment is by bank transfer, details with your Welcome Pack when you decide to proceed.

But before you invest, try it for free and get a taste for what Life Coaching can do for you – sign up here for your free 30 minute taster session!


Maintenance programme

Experience has shown that after an intense initial period of coaching, frequency of sessions can be less but remains very important to keep up momentum. This is an exciting stage in the process whereby you are living out your new life with greater confidence and purpose, and putting into practice the changes that have evolved. But just as you put a car in for an MOT, so too it is a great source of energy and encouragement to have a top up session every few months. This is a time to revisit goals, talk through what is working and what is not, recapture the original vision of where you want to get to in life, and continue to invest powerfully in your own development. The maintenance programme is spread over a year, and is available to those who have completed 8 sessions or more. Payment can be in a block, or in instalments.

3 session Maintenance programme – £120

4 session Maintenance programme – £160



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