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About Me

Who am I and why would you work with me?

Catriona Futter Glasgow Life Coach

Catriona Futter Glasgow Life Coach

My name is Catriona Futter, and I am a certified Life Coach living in Glasgow.

Over many years I have grown to understand and accept what it means for me to be me – not compare myself with others, or live a different life to the one I want to be living.

You are a unique and amazing individual, and you have a specific blend of strengths, skills, values, personality and experience.

My mission is to equip and empower you to understand and embrace who you are as that person. If you are seeking to live a more fulfilling life with clearer purpose and greater confidence, manage your life and time better, and gain more confidence and self awareness, I can help!

Working with me, you will receive support, encouragement, and accountability to help you deal with areas such as –

  • self confidence and self awareness that brings greater self acceptance
  • living according to your own values, and creating boundaries
  • work/life balance and time management
  • negative self talk and self belief
  • lack of purpose or times of transition and change
  • stagnant or stale relationships – restoring connection and improving communication
  • the challenges of self employment, and creating a mission statement

You can get a flavour of life coaching and the kinds of areas I work in by reading my weekly blog.

My blog was recently selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Life Coach blogs on the web, much to my delight! Awarded Top 100 Life Coach Blog by Feedspot

Top posts include:

Relationships – a series that highlights the common relationship lies and how they impact our relationships, and building relationships that are strong, connected and fulfilling.

Burnout – what is it, what causes it and how can we make little changes and invest in ourselves to prevent it?

Lessons from depression – a series telling my own story of the impact of my husband’s depression on our lives, and how I came to write The 10 Things Challenge coaching programme.

Boundaries and living within your limits – a series looking at creating boundaries in work and life, understanding and communicating your needs appropriately.

Energy drainers and dealing with clutter

The 10 steps to happiness – a great series exploring your GREAT DREAM…

I am based in Glasgow, Scotland, and offer coaching sessions face to face if local, or by telephone or Skype if you are further afield. You can find out how much coaching costs here.

I am a certified Biblical Life Coach, and a member of the Biblical Coaching Alliance.

I offer Christian Life Coaching. My Christian faith is the value system from which I operate, although people from all faiths and none can benefit from coaching with me. You can find out more about Christian Life Coaching here.

Want to find out more about how working with me as your life coach could transform your life?

Get in touch here or email me at for your FREE taster session.

Before I became a Life Coach….

I worked within the NHS in Glasgow as a physiotherapist (physical therapist for those of you across the pond!) for over twenty years, and during that time came alongside countless people who suddenly found themselves facing illness or traumatic injury and the associated life change. I gained a wealth of experience:

  • putting people at ease rapidly in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental place
  • goal setting and developing internal motivation
  • understanding and breaking learned behaviour patterns
  • teaching and communicating
  • understanding the connection between mind, body and soul
  • helping people regain identity and self-worth.

I am enthusiastic, resourceful, and a gifted tactician, good at communicating, teaching and organising. I love to encourage, love to bring out the best in people, love to work with people to find a way through problems and challenges.

I have many roles – wife to a great, Godly man; mother to two gorgeous girls; general household cook, baker and administrator; sister, aunt, daughter and friend; active worshipper in my local church – but most importantly I am uniquely me, and excited about working as your life coach to equip you to celebrate being uniquely you!

As a certified life coach offering personal coaching, I work to a high standard of professionalism and ethical code of conduct, and ascribe to the Coaches Creed, as outlined here.

As a Christian, I agree with and ascribe to the statement of faith of the Biblical Coaching Alliance, which you can see here.

Find out more about coaching, and try it out for FREE with a taster session.


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