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Work/life balance, and balancing our time can be tricky. But there are answers to achieving a better balance, and improving your time management, as you will read here.

Cherishing the Important

DSCF5447         Sometimes we lose sight of not only what is important, but who is important. Imagine going to meet a friend you have not seen for a while. What preparation would you make? In this situation, I would probably make an effort to look nice, would look forward to the meeting, would be excited to see that friend. I would ask them all about how they are, what they had been up to, and want to share life with them. There might be laughter or a sharing of harder times. There might be honesty, encouragement, affirmation – a reconnection at a soul level. All good, and all important to sustain our emotional and mental wellbeing. But now consider for a moment – how often do I make that kind of effort with those closest to me, my nearest-and-dearest, those right under my nose? And if I am honest, how often do I take them for granted, giving them the least and the worst of me? And how much do I, and they, suffer as a result? Our lives are full of people who we know for lots of different reasons and at different levels of friendship. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we lose sight of which of those relationships are most important. Who is it that really matters to you? How much poorer would your life be without them? What steps can you take to make sure they know regularly how significant they are to you? Little things make all the difference in communicating to them that they are a rich blessing in your life, and that they bring you joy.

Urgent? Really? Or is it Important?


So, a short time after that last post, and already I am slipping back into gerbil-wheel-living. All too quickly my mind will fill up with Things I Need To Do, bombarding me with their urgency and demanding my attention. And indeed, many of them do need to be done, but not necessarily now, at the cost of enjoying the moment I am currently in. So I am learning to ask the question – is this really urgent? And the bigger question, what is actually important just now. So often we get urgent and important mixed up. Urgent things press round us, weighing us down and often robbing us of joy. There will never be an end to them, that is the reality of our modern lifestyles, but how we approach them and our – wait for it – perspective on them can change. But important things, well they take a little bit of a step backwards from life to identify. We can choose to climb into the box marked Important, protected for that moment from the relentless barrage of Urgent that assaults us, and relish the fulfillment of doing something with lasting value. For me, important things would be phoning or texting an encouragement to a friend; spending unadulterated and focussed time with my children (how often do I respond to the request “come and see this!” with “I’ll be there in a minute….”? What does that communicate to them about how much they matter to me?); recharging my spiritual batteries first, not thinking I can do that once I have done everything else; stopping and being thankful right here and now for whatever is under my nose. This is me – what about you?


An all-year-round holiday mentality?

A relaxing holiday has furnished me with time to stop, be still and enjoy the moment (eurgh, I sound like an advert for something). It has enabled me to get off the mad gerbil wheel of The Next Thing and take a breather, to enjoy The Now Thing. A very wise person once said “Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself” (Jesus, in Matthew chapter 6) – but often we choose to live our lives like this, so focussed on what is happening next, or what we need to do/organise/plan/finish next that we miss the beauty of the little moments happening now, right at this moment, in the present. Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect not. Practicing being present in the moment is another spiritual discipline that takes, well, just that, practice. But the rewards can be huge – living in and celebrating the moment, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and being thankful for that moment. Living the full life now and not letting it pass us by because of the need to get to the next thing. A holiday mentality all year round? Is that possible? I don’t know, but it’s worth a try.

The Now Thing

We have recently returned from holiday – a lovely, relaxing lazy time away. Holidays are not always like that, and it is not always possible to have a couple of weeks away from it all, but this year, we were really blessed with two weeks of great weather, a delightful location, lovely accommodation (thanks to generous friends),  fabulous food, lots of time to relax. And stop. And that is what we did. And gradually I noticed that time…started………..slow………..right……………down. My brain, usually full and working overtime with the thinking and planning and lists and organisation that constitutes our weekly routine, started to empty. For me, this is an odd phenomenon – like most people, the majority of my time is spent living a busy life with family, work, friends, lots of other activities and commitments, some exciting, some very repetitive and mundane. I am an organised sort of person, a bit of a control freak, and get bored easily – not always a great combination, and the danger is I am always so busy thinking about The Next Thing that I miss The Now Thing. What is happening now, right under my nose, right at this moment.  Whether it’s a comment, a gesture, a colour, a smell, a laugh – all so easily missed when I am at full pelt heading for the Next Thing, and yet all tiny blessings in their own right that are each worth celebrating.