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Celebrating you part 2

Feb 2013 010


Not only are you unique, you are also beautiful. This is feather detail of a rival peacock to the magnificent white bird I introduced you to a few posts back. Each feather was slightly different, each startling in how blueandgreenandturquoise all at the same time, stunning, shimmering, breathtaking. And of course, beautiful. Like you. Do you see yourself as beautiful? Your Creator does. We are all beautiful in different ways – startling, effervescent, colourful, radiant – what do you see when you see yourself, inside and out? What do you see when you look at those you are most familiar with? The same old face? Or a reflection of us-at-our-best, our most beautiful, knowing that we are loved, knowing that there is no-one else quite like us. Tell someone they are beautiful and see how their face lights up, confirming what you are telling them. Look at yourself and choose to like what you see, knowing you are beautiful in your own unique way. 


To encourage takes courage

This past week has brought several unexpected encouragements from often unexpected quarters or at unexpected times. None of them were sought, they just popped out at me in passing, as if to say – hey, you’re doing OK and I love who you are becoming. Equally, I have had the opportunity to encourage or have affirming conversations with several people, and it is just such fun and so exciting. Often, the opportunity passes me by and I miss it, but crucially on these occasions, I opened my mouth and spoke out words of love, support, affirmation before I chickened out for fear of looking silly or being too unScottish and over-emotional. And that is why encourage has courage at the centre; sometimes we have to overcome our natural inhibitions or fears to tell someone we love them, or that they are beautiful, or that they are persevering with grace and integrity despite the hardship of their circumstance. To listen to someone, hear their heart and then affirm and encourage them for who they are is to give a precious gift – to whom can you give it this week?

Fulfiling a (small) dream

Last week I ticked something off my bucket list. We were on holiday (hence the blogging silence) and as part of the new me, did a couple of longer runs along the most glorious of beaches. This particular beach is one of my most favourite places in the world, a really beautiful part of East Scotland, stunning scenery and lots of weather (well it is Scotland!).

I have always dreamed of being able to run along the beach, and came over all Eric Liddell…..well, the only similarity was the running part, I certainly ain’t going to win any Olympic medals, but hey, it’s good to be inspired. It was a small achievement, not life changing for me let alone anyone else, but it was something I had dreamed of, and have now done, and I am relishing the fulfillment.

We all have dreams, large and small, that are part of our unique design. But oApril 2011 - 8th 057ften life gets in the way or squashes those dreams out of us, and that can diminish who we are.

What is on your dream list? What could you have go at fulfiling this week? Who encourages you in your dreams? 



What are your dreams?

Yesterday I was reminded by the wonderfully enthusiastic Primary 5s at my daughters’ school Easter service to dream big dreams and hold onto them. Some of the children shared their dreams – footballer, cook, artist, even one lad who dreams of being a mathematician. Wow. But that’s the point – that’s his dream, not mine (phew!). Our dreams are as unique as we are. What is your dream? How can you move one step closer to it today?

Take the next step…..

So I now have a running mantra: take-the-next-step, take-the-next-step. This came about whilst attempting to run up a very steep, if short hill, and very much wanting to stop every time I looked at how far away the top of the hill seemed. It seemed to stay just as far away with every step I took, despite my bursting lungs and screaming legs. Hurumpf. On this occasion, looking up to the top of the hill just seemed too difficult, too much of a challenge. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a challenge. But sometimes life’s challenges can seem too big, too high, too steep, too overwhelming, or just plain insurmountable. On those days, there is something to be said for just take-the-next-step, take-the-next-step, take-the-next-step…..

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Celebrating you!

Feb 2013 013


We met this peacock recently – he is resident in the grounds of a wee hotel in Blairgowrie, in central Scotland. There were lots of peacocks in the traditional greens and blues, but this chap was different, beautiful, amazing, a real individual. He was strutting his stuff and showing off, and clearly loving his own magnificence. Now, I am not encouraging showing off or preening yourself like a peacock – that would be intolerable. But, like him, you are a work of art – completely unique. There is no one else alive that is exactly like you, equipped with your mix of gifts, strengths, and temperament. So often we are hard on ourselves and compare ourselves with others unfavourably. But you know what, this week choose some aspect of you that you like, that makes you uniquely you, and celebrate that! Like this peacock, just enjoy being the best of you.

Running stubborness

I have started running. Two wise, precious friends have been saying to me for years that I would love running. I mocked, was stubborn and ignored them. Turns out they were right, I do love running. They know me well, and they know what makes me tick. They know that I love being outside, that I love listening to music, and that I love the feeling of exercising hard. Had I listened to them, I could have been enjoying the freedom and buzz I get out of running all this time. So this week’s thought – where are you being stubborn? Who knows you better than you think, do you listen to them and are you grateful for the blessing they are in your life?

Try something unpredictable

Today I did lots of mundane, repetitive and predictable things like washing, tidying, cooking lunch and dinner, dishes – the same as I do everyday. No doubt, you did the same, and will do again tomorrow. But then, in the middle of it all, my children went out into the snow (a brief afternoon’s worth) and built a snow fish, a snow cat and a small snow Queen Victoria. Nothing predictable or conventional about that, and it made me smile. Some days are just a bit dull and predictable. But even in the midst of that, it is always possible to do something completely unexpected, even a very small nonsensical thing, that opens up the lid on the box of normalness and lets in a chink of fresh perspective.

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The Mona Lisa trick

My 10 year old daughter has been attending a local art class, which she loves. Portraits are the current theme, and at her last class, she was practising copying the Mona Lisa. We set our standards high, you understand. On the way home she observed to me that if you turn a picture upside down, as she had done with a print of the Mona Lisa, you see it in a completely different way, often noticing lots of details about the picture you had not seen before. This made me wonder – are you stuck on something in your life and can’t see how to move forward? Maybe a situation at work, or a relationship, or an event that is coming up that you are not looking forward to. Try the Mona Lisa trick – turn the situation upside down, and look at it from a different perspective. Maybe that way you will be inspired with new ideas or insights to unlock the situation and move forward. Equally, you could actually stand on your head and think about whatever it is – if this doesn’t solve the problem, you will not have wasted your time as you will certainly see the room from a different perspective, and all that blood going to your head will do your brain good!   

Try something new

Are you bored with the same old repetitive structure of your day or week? Try having some fun in the little elements of your day and get a fresh perspective on what is important. Do you walk past the same people every day on your way to work, or taking the children to school, or to the shops, but never even register their presence? Today, try making eye contact with and smiling at someone you walk past. You could even say hello. It’s fun to see the reaction, and you can count how many smiles you get back in return.