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Stopping to pause

Stopping to pauseToday…a little hiatus. A humpluck if you will. Somewhat unexpected and very out of character. This day started with six clear hours to work, and a list of things-to-do. Some, practical, dull and long-put-off. Others, more inspiring and of the longer-term investment type. But a day filled with tasks. Tick. Tick. Tick-tick, done. Achievement, satisfaction, on to the next thing.

Because there always is a next thing.

And in that, there started an unravelling of this planned day.

Because in the end very little on my list was ticked off.

Instead, I sat looking out the window….read…..listened to music…..wrote – inner thoughts type writing, not writing to be read by others. Ate toast, drank coffee.

I have long been a just-get-on-with-the-next-thing sort of person. But in talking and writing about letting my soul catch up, creating and maintaining good boundaries, understanding my values and living accordingly, what is surfacing is simplicity, rest, love.

And it turns out, what was most important today was to switch off to the lists and achievement, and sit and be still instead. To pay attention to what is going on inside, and silence the external voice in favour of a much quieter, less familiar internal one.

A voice that was hoarse, out of practice, somewhat croaky.

What am I feeling?

What do I want?

What do I need?

What am I starting to learn about myself, and how I want to live the next bit of my life?

Learning to be stillThis isn’t about narcissistic navel gazing. But it is about the process for me of learning to stop, and pay attention to what is going on inside rather than live at full pelt, always rushing on to the next thing without necessarily stopping to enjoy the current thing. The present, this moment, now.

I am not alone it seems – there are others I know who, like me, are realising that a change is required.

Non-stop-gerbil-wheel living is not sustainable.

Living according to what matters requires self awareness and self examination, and that takes time, stillness, stopping. Which I did today.

The list remains, but even had I completed today’s list, another list awaits tomorrow.

There is no end to the lists.

I love a list, but I am learning to love stillness and quiet too. To give myself permission to stop and be quiet, still, rest.



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