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Wishing you a very happy Christmas

Wishing you a very happy ChristmasIt’s coming towards the close of the year. Thinking over this past year of blogs, there seems to have been most engagement in…


choices – things we don’t want to get to our death beds and regret

being authentic

team coaching

valuing others and taking time to tell them so

What would you take into the holidays as one thing that if you chose to do it, it would make a big difference?

We will finish our tour of the seven habits book in the new year, as there is much to absorb and digest from the last two habits, and much of that fits with my background as a physiotherapist, and therefore is close to my heart.

But it simply remains for me to wish you a very happy Christmas.

Thank you for your company over this past year – I love to write, and I often become clearer in my own thoughts even as I put them into print, but it makes a huge difference to know that people actually take the time to read my written thoughts, and for that I thank you most sincerely.

May Christmas be filled with time to celebrate, share, rest, stop and just ‘be’, eat delicious things and be aware of how much we have to be thankful for.

See you next year.



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