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What is your legacy this week?

What would your legacy be this week?

What would your legacy be this week?

Legacy. I have started counting the number of times that word is used by news people in the same context as the Olympics. It’s quite a fun game…try it next time you watch the news and see how often the words ‘Olympics’ and ‘legacy’ appear in the same sentence.

What has been my own legacy for this past week, I wonder? With my family, I have been a wife and mum who has been tired, preoccupied, negative and distinctly lacking in enthusiasm for life. Not what I would want to be known for or leave behind.

I am not planning on departing this earth anytime soon. But I was struck by fact that how we choose to react to the events of the day has a huge impact on those around us, and how representative is that of who we want to be, and how we want to be known?

I would much prefer my legacy to be along the lines of –

bringing out the best in folk

seeking to encourage and speak life in small and larger ways to people

an honest, real practical problem-solver who generally sees the hope in any situation

But this week has definitely not seen me living as that person, and – of course – my Nearest and Dearest are the ones who suffer the most.

Nothing dramatic or terrible has happened. But over the past few of months there have been some fairly significant challenges in several major areas of life for both MB and myself (My Beloved as he is known here). The cumulative effect has somewhat worn me down. And in that weariness my response has been to become preoccupied, negative, and serious. And in displaying such characteristics, I see I am negatively impacting those around me too.

Not what I want, not who I am – not my legacy of choice.

I am not proposing a Pollyanna blind optimism approach here – ghastly and really unhelpful, especially for those in seriously dire straits.

But the question of legacy has made me reflect on my own choices of behaviour, and where I choose to focus my sight. Call it mindfulness, faith, gratitude, meditation – being aware of the moment and practising being grateful does shift the focus from trials and challenges onto a bigger, more hope-full perspective.

Many things have fallen apart/broken/fallen off walls in our house in the last couple of months. There are associated frustrations, time and expense ahead which neither MB nor I have the energy or time for. But we have a house, we have great friends and wonderful neighbours. And there are gifted people out there who can fix broken things.

Right now, MB would most benefit from me being emotionally available, supportive and encouraging. He needs my problem solving and proactivity in helping him process and structure some of his work challenges. If we are taking an in-this-together approach to life and career, my negativity and preoccupation with the woes and worries around us will simply bring him down and be entirely counterproductive.

Both daughters need a mum who is available, positive and has a balanced approach (guffaws from those reading this who know me!). They need me to provide stability and loving acceptance in the very wobbly and unsettling world of teenagerness. That is much more the kind of legacy I want – and I am more in control of that than I sometimes would like to think.

I choose how I respond to events, even if I don’t choose the events themselves.

What about you? What is life throwing at you at present, and how are you responding?

And what do your responses say about who you are, what matters most to you, and what sort of legacy you want to leave this week?


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