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Help! I’m self-employed and out of balance.

Time management for the self-employed. Sounds like a book title or a this-will-completely-sort-you-out-all-singing-all-dancing course. It is neither – it is a key problem that faces those who work for themselves, some of whom have sought my help.

Self-employed and out of balance?

Self-employed and out of balance?

Of course, time management, work/life balance, work boundaries affect all of us. But I am discovering for myself and from clients that when you are your own boss (especially in a one man business) it takes quite a level of self discipline and proactivity to manage well your own resources when no-one is telling you what to do or how to do it. No imposed organisational structures, no manager, no time sheets, and possibly no set office hours. These are some of the attractions of being self-employed of course, but are accompanied by their own challenges.

Challenges for the self-employed include –

  • not knowing when to stop or when what you have done is ‘enough’
  • sole working and always having to be proactive, sometimes with little support
  • not taking proper breaks or time for self care and rest and running out of energy
  • struggling to switch off when away from work, with negative impact on sleep, family relationships, self care
  • difficulty saying ‘no’ to work so risking becoming swamped
  • no clarity about the mission and values of who you are as your company that then enables clear choices in what to take on
  • prioritising what is important over the urgent never-going-away pressing demands
  • little time or head space to look at the bigger picture and develop goals

I can help! I have had the privilege and challenge of working with a number of clients who have come to me with some of these issues – who have left large organisations to improve their work/life balance and ended up feeling swamped, overwhelmed and a little at sea. From my own experience, I have some understanding of this. I left the behemoth of an institution that is the NHS after more than 20 years to work for myself. I can tick all of the above off my own list of challenges, some of which have caught me completely off guard and have almost stopped me in my tracks. But together we are learning, and as one client expressed it

I would highly recommend life-coaching to anyone who has ever wondered if chaotic life-work balance could be improved – it can!

Imagine instead having –

  • a clear vision/mission statement for your work that helps clarify your niche, provides motivation and passion, where to focus your time and energy, and better boundaries within work choices
  • the ability to be proactive about personal and career development because you have a clear understanding of purpose and direction
  • clear boundaries on work and non-work life and resources, including time, routine and structures that work for you
  • a clearer understanding of how you work and your own character that enables better management of energy drainers and gainers
  • specific, practical and SMART time management frameworks that work to increase productivity
  • accountability, support, encouragement, challenge and a sounding board throughout the process

I would love to help – if you, or someone you know, are self-employed and feeling a bit swamped, get in touch!


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