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Olympics inspired swimming pool thoughts….

Olympics thoughts from the swimming pool

Olympics thoughts from the swimming pool

We have been discussing tiredness of body and soul here a fair bit of late. And this week I confess to being very tired. But burnout or over-busyness are not the cause. Ah no, my fatigue is a result of sleep deprivation….

The Olympics.

Along with many others, I have been sitting up too late at night hooked on any number of astonishing sporting events the demonstrate the extraordinary abilities of the human body and mind.

Rowing, swimming, diving and gymnastics have been favourites. An unexpected and delightful discovery has been trampolining, which has caused the most anxious breath holding on my part from the safety of my sofa. What a teary delight to watch the young British girl Bryony Page win silver. How do you make your body do that? And land in the right place the right way up without having vomited? Mesmerising.

My greatest addiction however has been the cycling. This is in part because team GB have done so stunningly well and there are so many outstanding competitors to watch. But also because of how curious some of the events seem to the ignorant couchee like me – following a wee moped round the track for a bit then going hell-for-leather for the line; wobbling slowly round psyching each other out then breaking into a mad sprint; an elimination race that reminds me of musical chairs without the chairs or the music and much more crazy….just brilliant to watch and so absorbing.

A few musings were sloshing about my head this morning as I was swimming up and down my local pool in a style that bore no resemblance to the Olympics…

There is much talk about athletes providing inspiration for others. Who do you want to inspire? What legacy of inspiration would you want to leave behind? How can you move more towards being that person?

These athletes are passionate, committed, very hard working, and devote most of their time to training. Their motivation comes from wanting to be the best – could those around you tell what you are passionate about and motivated to do by how you use your time?

Laura Trott, the British cycling gold medal winner, thanked “those in the background” and listed some of the team around her that rarely, if ever I would suppose, get much of a mention. Good for her – we all have a role to play, each one of us has something to offer be it in the limelight or more behind the scenes. The challenge is to find what makes us tick, what we are passionate about, and to be that person and do that thing to the full. As the astonishing human beings that we are, I believe we need each other to be at our best – to encourage, inspire, challenge, support, hold accountable, laugh and cry with.

What roles do you have in whatever you would consider your team?

This week of the Olympics, I encourage you fulfil those roles to the best of your ability….embrace your uniqueness and purpose….don’t compare yourself negatively with others in perhaps a more glamorous role….accept and enjoy who you are and grow more and more into the best version of you, who inspires others.



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