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Letting your soul catch up

Letting your soul catch up

Letting your soul catch up

Let me recount to you my own paraphrase of a tale I came across the other day. A Westerner, with a first world, 21st century mentality, was travelling with native tribesmen on a work project. For several days, there was rapid progress, much distance covered, and many of the Westerner’s boxes were ticked – they were making good progress, goals for the expedition were being achieved, it was busy and productive.

And then the tribesmen stopped. For no obvious reason. And nothing happened. Nothing obvious was being done. The Westerner became frustrated with this lack of progress, this waste of time, this enforced waiting. His timetable was slipping and he was not meeting his agenda. Eventually, standing it no longer, he asked the reason for the delay. The answer stopped him short –

We had been moving too fast and had to wait for our souls to catch up.”

The tale is attributed variously to South African or African tribesmen, Himalayan Sherpas, or Inca tribesmen. It matters not a jot. Us modern-livers, we all move too fast, and are tempted to fill our days with endless to-do lists, projects, work commitments, stuff, stuff, stuff. None of that is wrong. But how often do we take the time to stop and wait for our souls to catch up?

To let our tired, overstuffed brains slow and empty a little.

To step off the conveyor belt and regroup.

To reconnect with what we feel, what our hearts are telling us about what is around us.

To remind ourselves that we are more than just doing-machines.

This week, again I am overwhelmed with the grief, tragedy, on-going levels of conflict and hatred that are in our world. Each of us is human, each of us is unique, each of us is precious to someone. And yet, we lose sight of this so quickly and so catastrophically.

I know that for me, sometimes it takes my soul to become a dried up wizened thing before I notice and stop to pay attention. I lose sight of who I am, what really matters to me, and my perspective goes completely. So this little phrase – letting your soul catch up – is challenging me this week to take some time to do just that. To recognise that I have been travelling too fast, and to stop, and let my soul catch up. To pay attention to emotions under the surface, and remind myself of what really matters and what my values for living are.

As we approach Easter, may I encourage you to do the same? Whatever Easter means to you – family, friends, feasting, time off, or faith – to allow your soul to catch up with you and refresh and restore you for living according to what really matters to you.

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