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Help! Transition is coming and I’m stuck

Finding a way through transition

Finding a way through transition

Long gone are the days when we left school, college or university, walked into a job and kept that job for the 40 plus years of a working life. Nowadays, the expectation is that each of us might have several different careers, if we even manage to get that far – there is much more uncertainty around working lives, career structures, and how we use our skills to the best. And thus it is more likely than ever that we face a time of transition in our lives that may make us stop short and question who we are and what we are best designed to do. Perhaps this is you –

  • you are stopping something you have done for a long time – a paid or unpaid role – and have no idea what to do next; you feel redundant and purposeless and stuck as to where on earth you might go now
  • you are approaching retirement, a career break or redundancy, but your identity and self worth has always been tied up in your job and you face a crisis of confidence and purpose without that role
  • you have spent a lot of time in a particular role giving out a lot to others – as a parent or carer, volunteer – but have lost sight of who you are, what you enjoy and what you have to offer
  • your children are leaving home and you suddenly realise that all this time is opening up to you, but what do you do with it, and who are you without them defining your time?

Transitions can be very hard but can also often be the making of us.

Taking the time and courage to stop, look objectively at strengths, values, life experiences, passions and motivators can enable us to formulate a picture of

  • who we are at our best
  • grow in self awareness and confidence
  • better understand what kind of role would be a good fit next
  • how to live with greater fulfilment and freedom day to day.

Life coaching is a perfect way to work through transitions and get unstuck.┬áLife is not a linear pathway – I know from my own experience of having changed career after 22 years. There are huge challenges, opportunities, obstacles and growth opportunities to be faced, and doing so alone can be daunting and overwhelming. As one satisfied client expressed it –

I have shifted from a confused, tired place through to a position of hope for my future

So are you, or someone you know, facing a time of transition in your life – perhaps you fear that what you are good at is ending, and where does that leave you? Life coaching can help you regain purpose and move forward with greater freedom and hope for the future. Get in touch to find out more!

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