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Help! I’m too busy.

How are you doing this week? A standard question, and I am guessing that many of you might give a fairly standard answer – “I’m too busy/life is really busy/don’t know where the time is going/the year is passing so quickly*”

Too busy to see the bigger picture?

Too busy to see the bigger picture?

[*circle the most relevant answer]

In all my work as a life coach, this is the one of the key problems I help people address: being too busy.

This would class as the main heading for this category of problems that clients come to me with, but of course, there are multiple subheadings. How many of these do you currently relate to –

  • I seem to have no control over my time.
  • I always seem to be reacting to events and feeling like I am on the back foot, unprepared and under-resourced.
  • I never have time for me/exercise/friends.
  • I have lost sight of the bigger picture and can’t find time to prioritise what is really important; my perspective has gone and I no longer know what is really important.
  • Life feels like one long to-do list, I am always rushing around but feel like I achieve very little.
  • I know what I want to do, but don’t have any systems or structures that work or that I can stick to.
  • I know what I want to do, have big dreams, but no head space or time to implement them.
  • I seem to have no boundaries on my time or understanding of where responsibilities lie.

A sobering list, but these are all situations and problems that clients have come to me with over the years. At times, I can claim to have ticked all of the above, and in my work am learning the challenge of self-accountability – to walk the talk.

So – which of those problems of being too busy would you most relate to?

This is the starting point but – importantly – not the end of the story. Imagine instead

  • gaining a clear understanding of what is most important to you in all areas of life, and prioritising your time accordingly
  • living proactively not reactively, with time to be properly and appropriately resourced
  • having good routines, habits, systems and structures that are supportive and well functioning for you individually that facilitate good time management and time keeping
  • having time for personal development to enable growth in relationships, work, life, character
  • learning to put better boundaries in place, and say ‘no’ without guilt
  • having something akin to a vision statement for your own life that keeps you focused on the bigger picture.

Again, these are all outcomes that together, clients and I have worked towards. As one client put it –

[life coaching] helped me identify and focus on things that were important to help me move forward.”

A little food for thought over these summer months, when – allegedly – there might be a modicum of breathing space for reflection about what needs to change.

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