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Help! My confidence is in my boots

Confidence – a bit of a thorny issue this one. How are your confidence levels on a scale of 1 to 10? Pretty confident are you? Great….but what about those negative or critical voices in your head that delight in pointing out how poorly you compare to so-and-so, or how badly you performed in such-and-such situation, or that push you to always have to prove that you are ‘good enough’…?

Confidence to be youNot got any voices like that? Then I would love to meet you and hear your story and learn from you, and I affirm and celebrate you in who you are, my friend. My hunch is that most of us have internal scripts or critical voices that worm their way into our thoughts and cause us to spiral downwards into

poor self belief,

negative behaviour patterns,

lack of self worth

unwillingness or inability to accept ourselves.

Crippling isn’t it.  Lack of confidence, in any shape or form or of any magnitude, can cause us to feel we are walking on our knees with our hands tied behind our backs.

I know, as do all the clients I have worked with. This may not be the initial issue that prompts someone to work with me as a Life Coach, but root around long enough, and the chances are that negative self talk will make its’ ugly presence felt. Confidence can take a battering, and it can be hard to recover.

But that is a great start, and self awareness is the first and key step to self acceptance.

We can’t change our behaviour until we truly understand it, and the root of it.

And growing in confidence starts with greater self acceptance.

Now, let me be clear here – I am not a counsellor, and am careful not to tread on the toes of those who do such excellent and important work. What I do offer is the chance to

  • gain understanding in your own strengths, values, life experiences and motivators – all the components of the amazing package that is you
  • see and learn from the common threads and themes that you uniquely have to offer
  • understand where the negative voices are coming from, and therefore how to start to get rid of them
  • grow in confidence, self belief and self acceptance and therefore gain clarity in decision making, setting boundaries, and understanding what is – and isn’t – your responsibility.

One happy client put it like this –

I truly felt empowered and reminded of who I am and who I am on a journey towards becoming.

Yippee!! I love this – I love to see people thrive  and live with lightness and freedom simply as themselves. So, if your confidence has taken a battering, but you would like to be able to understand and celebrate who you are, get in touch and we can work to rebuild you together.

It doesn’t have to be following a very dramatic crisis or crash – simple, small gains in self awareness and self acceptance can facilitate huge gains in self confidence and promote much greater enjoyment in life. Don’t you want a bit of that?!

Inspired? Encouraged? Get in touch!

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