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Get organised, get energised!

Get organised

Get organised

Get organised. OK, so I have to admit, this is a subject close to my heart.  I LOVE organising things. Maybe it should be phrased thus: “Hi, my name is Catriona and I am an organiser.”

Those of you who know me, know this about me and may well have been on the receiving end. I apologise if my zeal for organising can be a tad overwhelming. MB (My Beloved as he is known here) suffers the most I fear. We had a dear friend staying recently who is very like me in temperament and character. Poor MB, he looked like he was trapped between a rock and a hard place, dealing with these twin organisational enthusiasts.

But as we tackle the complex and thorny subject of burnout, being more organised does make some sense. Some of the stress that we experience daily stems not from having too much work but from being too disorganised to handle that work effectively and efficiently. Even MB, who does not love organising things as I do, concurs that time taken to get organised and create systems that work results in the load feeling more manageable.

For me, efficiency is at the root of my love of organisation. My oft-repeated mantra of “if you are going to do something, do it properly” goes hand in hand with my loathing of time wasting and half completed tasks. And one of my biggest energy drainers?


There, I might as well vomit out all my deep-seated character traits and confess the lot. For me, systems that work efficiently and avoid time wasting and repetition allow my physical space to be clearer. Thus I am enabled to function better and have more focus on the task. More physical space and less clutter creates more head space and mental energy. This goes some way to internal serenity and peace, and makes it easier to switch off to work or admin or even housework.

So, how to get organised? The key, as ever, is to know yourself.

  • What is your baseline level of organisation and tidiness? This will vary hugely between individuals, and it is important to be realistic. Setting standards that are not achievable simply increases the likelihood of failure and will add to mental fatigue and reduce motivation and confidence.
  • What systems actually work for you? What do you find most appealing? What kind of environment will be most conducive to you maintaining order once it is created? This will depend on your style and character. I favour logic and structure whilst bothering less about aesthetics. MB and Elder daughter value aesthetics, colour, beauty over logic and therefore are more likely to stick with a system that is attractive and appealing visually. (MB as a teenager had all his vinyl ordered by album colour. Mine were in alphabetical order, of course. Shows you how different our brains are!). But it is important to recognise that creating order and systems is only the first step. The bigger challenge is finding achievable ways to maintain that level of organisation.
  • What is your overall goal of creating order? Having a goal increases motivation and ensures compliance with on-going organisation. For example, if organising a desk and filing system at work increases focus and productivity and saves time, there is likely to be more buy-in. At home, you understand that a less cluttered environment promotes serenity and soothes the mind and soul. And therefore the initial tidy up can be seen as more freeing, and the time required weekly to maintain that order feels less onerous.
  • Carve up the elephant. I say this all the time to clients. Take what seems like an insurmountable hurdle and break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. If you are a list person, writing them down is followed by the joy of ticking them off! Start small, with a time limit, and a suitable reward at the end.
  • Do something towards creating order, no matter how seemingly insignificant or trivial. You can only take a second and third step once you have taken that first onenothing will happen if you do nothing.

Now I fully understand that taking this sort of positive, proactive action requires energy, time and focus. And if you are heading towards burnout or struggling with stress and mental fatigue, these pointers may seem too much, too hard, too idealistic. So go back a little, and seek to gain a little rest, switch off, recharge, allow your soul to catch up. 

And once on the journey to being a little restored, get organised. It will add to your energy and confidence.

As I said at the beginning, I am good at organising. So if this is a step too far on your own, if clutter and chaos reign and are threatening to overwhelm, get in touch and we can get organised together. Simply contact me here.

Inspired? Encouraged? Get in touch!

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