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Waiting in expectation.

Waiting in expectationOnly 11 sleeps to go….sadly, in our house the children are old enough to have lost some of the magic of the anticipation of Christmas. There is still much excitement, and planning and looking forward – as much to a holiday from school as anything else! But I remember with dewy eyed fondness the sweet, innocent wonderment in their eyes when they were little, the wide open faces of expectation, the sheer magic of it all.

Patience concerns a particular form or way of waiting;

it is one filled with expectation.

Robert Sardello, in The Power of Soul


As grown ups, do we ever feel like that about things we are waiting for?

What does it mean for us to wait with that kind of expectation, anticipation, mystery and wonderment?

How quickly do we get stuck in the instant-gratification way of living? Wanting what we want now, and without any hard work thank you very much. How often do we wait impatiently, consumed with to-do lists, lost in what comes next and not noticing what is happening now?

When you think about this Christmas season, what is it that you are waiting for, and what is most important within that? We easily get lost in the preparations and stress and risk losing sight of the mystery and wonderment of this season – at least I know I do.

Getting it all done, and getting it all done right, can take over from actually enjoying it.

Waiting in expectation, waiting with patience, and understanding that what happens within the waiting time is important.

Pull right back from life with me for a minute – what would you most want to change about yourself? About your life? It takes time – how well do you wait, show patience in the waiting, and remain expectant of the outcome you desire?


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