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Advent waiting

We have entered the season of Advent, as we anticipate and count down towards Christmas. I generally love pretty much everything to do with Christmas, but I love it in December. Not before.Advent waiting

These next four weeks, my reflections are going to be short, and focused on waiting, with a little quote or observation from someone else. I have written many, many words this year, and this is not the time for long screeds to read.

Two things have struck me of late. Advent is a season of waiting, and yet often we lose sight of this in all the busyness, build up, and preparations. What does it mean to wait well? What are we waiting for – not just at Christmas, but in our lives in general?

Advent is also the anticipation of Christmas, whatever that might mean to you. Central to that is love, grace, generosity, hope and peace. But I know that these things can quickly get trampled out of my life in the weeks running up to Christmas, as my focus slips and my mind becomes preoccupied.


So I give you this as food for thought –

Being made to wait has another benefit.

It helps us figure out what we truly want and what really matters to us. . . .

Remembering that some things are worth waiting for helps us decide what it is that is worth the wait,

Advent waiting without seeingand to prize it truly when we do receive it.”

MJ Ryan in The Power of Patience

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