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What would you see in the moment if you stopped to look?

stop and look

When was the last time you bumped into someone on the pavement because you were both walking along looking at your phone? This is a 21st Century phenomenon, and fits with the next deathbed regret

I wish I was more aware of the real world around me.

For people who are currently on their deathbed who are in the latter stages of life (again, without being all morbid about it!) I think this is less of an issue. Septuagenarians and octogenarians will have grown up without the need (perceived or real) to be plugged into some form of technology all the time and everywhere they go simply because the technology did not exist.

But nowadays, it seems that we as humans find it impossible to sit on a train, go for a run, or walk to work without musical or social media accompaniment. Maybe it is just me, but I struggle to understand the need to check my facebook status several times throughout the day when I am out and about. Of those (twentysomethings) I ask who do this, their main reason is fear of missing out on something that Might Be Happening.

It strikes me there is a huge irony in this – walking down the street, running through the park, even being on the tube (I concede that doing the same journey day in day out can get very boring), there are things that ARE actually happening right under our noses, yet often we miss them because we are plugged into something that might be happening on social media, or arranging something by text that will happen later.

This topic was discussed on the radio the other day. The suggestion was made that we could be more like dogs in our approach to being outside (another fabulous irony if I was promoting a certain phone company, but I am not!) – rather than running and listening to music, run with no accompaniment:

follow our noses to interesting things or views

notice the scenery

spot people

take in smells.

There is interesting stuff to see, no matter how little or seemingly insignificant, everywhere around us if we only stop and notice.

If you walk the same way to work everyday, and pass the same people, start smiling at them and saying good morning if this is something you wouldn’t normally do.

Next time you are outside walking somewhere, be deliberately conscious and present to your environment. Notice the beauty that is all around. Easy on a glorious sunny day in spring when there is new life budding everywhere. Look up at buildings, spot interesting shop signs, be attentive to people you see.

It all sounds quite trivial, but being aware of and enjoying the moment is so important because that moment is never coming back.

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