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What is the secret to dealing with clutter?

Create space by dealing with clutter.Last week we started to consider energy drainers – those elements of life, personal to each of us, that leave us feeling sapped of mental and emotional energy. I mentioned a few that are on my list. But my top energy drainer?


Now for some, this would prompt incomprehension, that clutter could pose such a problem to me, drain me of energy and leave me feeling grumpy, irritable, not myself. But therein lies the truth folks: for me, clutter is my top energy drainer.

What about you? Any fellow clutter-loathers out there? Or more to the point, any of you have piles of clutter around the place that you would love to deal with but never…quite……get……….round…………to………………

There is no magic with this. The way forward has two components to it – one internal and one external. The internal component is the crucial first step. The secret, if you will, to success.

Recognise that you can change your perception of your ability to deal with the clutter.

Some simple steps that can help:

  • Consider what methods of dealing with the clutter you have tried before, and why they haven’t worked.
  • Visualise how different your environment will be once the clutter is dealt with. Use your emotions, think about how you will feel, how much more energy and freedom you will have. Do this with as much detail as possible. Draw the outcome, write it down, imagine it – it doesn’t matter, but this is your goal. If it helps, pin a sketch above or near where the worst of the clutter is, to inspire you – a tidy desk, or filing system, or cupboard, or garage…..
  • Take charge of the clutter in your mind – you are the grown up here, it does not rule your life or emotions.
  • Be proactive – you have the power to make the changes that will make a difference. You own it, it doesn’t own you.

That is the first step – getting into a good mind set, but without putting too much pressure on yourself. Simple, practical steps follow next week that allow you to take one step at a time towards your goal. But for this week, it is enough to win the internal battle over clutter.


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