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What does life boil down to?

Live as yourself


Came across this the other day:

“Life can be boiled down to two feelings you’ll most likely be met with on your deathbed:

Triumph or regret.”

Now, do I agree with this? I’m not sure, haven’t mulled it over long enough yet.

What would your response be – do you agree? What other feelings might you put in there? In my work, I often get people to think about the end goal – where do they want to be, what do they want to be doing, who do they want to be – and work backwards, creating action plans and steps that move forwards, with their goal as motivator and inspiration.

I guess who we want to be on our deathbed is the ultimate end point, and we are all going to die at some point. What happens after we die is a whole different conversation, but for now, let’s suffice ourselves with being the best versions of us in the present.

The quote above came from an article listing regrets of people on their deathbeds, and makes for quite reflective reading. Some aspects covered are areas of life that I often address with people, and so I am going to pick out a few to chew over and digest in the next few weeks.

But today, I want to be me, the best version of me, with no regrets – and as Peanuts so astutely observed, no one can say I am doing it wrong!

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