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What causes your energy to drain away down the plughole?

When is your energy trapped?

What drains your energy?

When you find yourself mentally worn-out….tired….frazzled…..can you identify what has caused that? Sometimes we can, and sometimes the culprits are the most likely – being too busy, not taking care of ourselves, juggling multiple commitments – life in our current age I guess.

But sometimes, when we take a step back and think about the subject more closely, we can identify key themes that consistently crop up and sap us of energy, prompt us to feel burnt out or world-weary, engender feelings of frustration at our seeming lack of fulfillment or accomplishment.

And that then becomes the key: identify what your key energy drainers are, and you can start to address them. Take proactive action to deal with, delegate, or desist.

For me, top energy drainers would include electronic noise (time on any kind of technology, responding to emails, social media), unfinished projects, mindless repetitive tasks that need to be repeated the following day. Now none of those are wrong or bad in and of themselves. But for me personally, I am aware that excess time spent on technology, lots of unfinished tasks about the house, lack of productive fulfillment…..all sap me and leave me feeling like a shriveled up prune.

And therein lies part of the key – energy drainers are unique and personal to each of us, and what drains me might be energising for someone else. Knowing yourself is key.

And then taking action – limit the time spent on facebook. Delegate some of those repetitive tasks (sorting socks anyone?!). Tackle those projects in clearly defined chunks of time. You get the idea.

Not rocket science I know, but the key – always the starting point – is understanding and knowing yourself.

So what drains your energy, and what first step can you take this week to deal with that? Next week, top of my list…..


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