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Want to win the battle over clutter?

more space, more energy!

I came clean recently and confessed that clutter is my No.1 Energy drainer.

The top thing that leaves me sapped, frustrated, mentally fatigued if you will. But dealing with and winning over clutter is entirely possible. It starts in your mind, addressing the internal obstacles that stop us dealing with clutter. Understanding that we own it, it doesn’t own us. 

Having taken charge of our internal mindset, we can move on to the very practical outworking of that. Again, some very simple steps can help –

  • Decide on how much time daily is realistic to specifically allocate to decluttering.
  • Start with something achievable, like 15 minutes a day. 15 minutes a day will make a huge difference by the end of two weeks.
  • Consider which area is most pressing, then spend your allotted time on the first element of that first area  – one drawer, one pile, one shelf inside one cupboard.
  • Work systematically through that area with three possible outcomes: deal with it/put it away/file it; throw it out; take it to charity.
  • Work in a concentrated fashion without being distracted for your 15 minutes, or however long you have chosen.
  • Stop after your chosen amount of time, put bags in the bin or at the door to go to charity.
  • Move on to doing something else, feeling very pleased and satisfied with yourself!
  • Repeat the process the next day, and over time, this will become habit forming.
  • If and when required, go back to your internal processing and your goal for what you want the cluttered area to be like eventually, to refocus and re-energise yourself for the task.

None of this is new, none of this is complicated. But at the same time, it is a problem for many of us and therefore often we are missing something in our approach. Understanding what matters to us, why the clutter is a problem, and that we can be proactive enables us to deal with this insidious, pervasive energy drainer and regain our mental clarity. And yippee to that!


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