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A touch of kindness at Christmas

Two days till Christmas….our senses are on full alert.

We have seen, listened to, heard, smelled, tasted andtouch of kindness enjoyed our way to this week. For many, this is a wonderful time of year: to celebrate with family and friends…to enjoy some time of rest and refreshment….to sample delicious food and drink….to see sights and sparkles galore…to perhaps focus on the bigger picture of what it is all about.

To extend a touch of kindness to another that communicates care, joy, time.

It is a very tactile time of year too, with much embracing – from the bewhiskered elderly aunt to the work colleague you would never normally hug, Christmas somehow seems a socially acceptable time to be more huggy.

For some, this time of year is really hard. Lost loved ones, illness, financial uncertainty, natural disasters. All can serve to make what should be a time of celebration all the harder and more lonely. For many, there is little time off work, and work is busier and it can all feel just a little too much.

I don’t want to put a damper on things – simply to say, how can we seek to share love, encouragement, hope, a simple touch of kindness, to those around us in these days?

And I wish you a very happy Christmas, and time to stop and enjoy the moment.

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