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How often do you play The Comparisons Game?


How often do you play The Comparisons Game?

How often do we play the comparisons game?

You know how it works –

I wish I was more/less like so-and-so

If only I could… he/she can

I can’t write/draw/play football/sing/cook/ as well as…….can

I wish I was as handsome/fit/pretty/tall/short/thin as…….

In reflecting back on our lives when we get to the end of them, if we have that luxury, it is unlikely that we will be pleased at the amount of time we spent comparing ourselves with others. Why?

Because it is such a waste of time and energy, and worse, it stops us from being who we are.

This I know from hard experience – for years I believed I was not a creative person and compared myself very unfavourably with those I knew who were at the top of the creative tree. In so doing, I squashed a whole part of myself, and failed to give full expression to much of what I did.

Now, there were two problems here. Firstly, I was looking in the wrong mirror and comparing myself to a completely misplaced image: I had creative as synonymous with artistic. I can’t draw, I really can’t. But that does not mean I am not creative, far from it. Secondly, in labeling myself thus, all I could see was what others could do and what I could not, and in so doing, I minimised my own abilities and reduced my effectiveness in all I did.

Hard work isn’t it?

Being free to see who I am, what I can do, and – in this instance – how I express my creativity – has been so freeing and has expanded my mind.

What about you? Rather than comparing yourself negatively with others around you, today focus instead on who you are, what you can do, and accept and enjoy being yourself. Stop playing the Comparisons Game!

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