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How to fill the vacuum of the present without guilt or anxiety?

I came across this quote the other day:

“When thinking about life remember this: no amount of guilt can solve the past

and no amount of anxiety can change the future.”

Thankfulness in the present

Thankfulness in the present

A lot of truth in that. What interests me is the vacuum in the middle.

I am a ‘so what’ sort of person – when presented with new information, I tend to ask myself first, ‘well, so what?’. What difference does that make, or how does that change things?

Now, there is enough fodder in the above quote to keep many psychologists happy for a long time. But in my own, very tentative musings, I recognise a few things:

  • dealing with your past, reconciling yourself to it and learning all you can from it can enable you to live more humbly and wisely and freely in the present
  • identifying what it is you are anxious about, whether you can take steps to minimise the situation or whether it is out of your control can help bring a more objective perspective to the future
  • learning what you do and don’t have responsibility for and when to let go

This is not said simply or glibly, and I am all too aware from my work how much of a challenge these issues are. And what time, effort, tears, understanding and self-awareness are required to live like this.

But that brings me back to the vacuum in the middle. Where does that leave us? In the present. There are lots of platitudes about the present being the only place to live, and that is why it is a present. Again, true if a teensy bit cheesy.

There seems much heaviness around us just now, with folks local and global enduring pain, grief and suffering.

And perhaps the idea of thankfulness filling that vacuum seems trite, over simplistic and down right insulting.

So I say this carefully and very cautiously.

Perhaps we can we learn

to live more in the present….

to value and cherish those around us today…..

to recognise what we have got…..

to embrace what we can do…..

to celebrate what we have learned and gained from our past…….

to find things to be thankful for even in the midst

Living free of guilt for the past and anxiety for the future -perhaps the key is thankfulness in the present?

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