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Learning to take my own medicine!

It’s been a funny old week. A week of learning how to take my own medicine.Learning to take my own medicine

Almost all the things that were planned at the beginning of the week have gone out the window – meetings, evening commitments, social events, and not accomplishing most of my scheduled work. In a recent musing, I talked about the fact that sometimes life just chucks stuff at you over which you have no control. Now, I was referring to really hard stuff – illness, unemployment, bereavement etc – but the same is true for minor inconveniences too. In my case, two ill children, one after the other, and a radiator falling off a wall. So today, I am keeping second child company and waiting for radiator man.

The key for me in this is my response to these very-common-and-very-minor events. The last few weeks have prompted me to think about my own boundaries and limits, even as I have been challenging and encouraging you to consider yours.

Prior to this week, life had been very busy indeed, take own medicineand I was reaching the very edge of my limits. Indeed, a couple of times I had to catch myself on and apply my own questions to myself. Never easy to take your own medicine, but one of the most important lessons I have learnt in this line of work is to be honest and real (as regular readers here will know).

So, a few reflections that I am learning to take with a spoonful of sugar:

  • I have the power to choose each day how I respond to that day’s events and circumstances.
  • I can be proactive in how I use my time but I can also learn to relax my controlfreakery and re-assess what is most important.
  • When plans change, stopping and asking, what and who are really important here and letting go of stuff that I might have considered crucial but was really more about me, my ego or my need to be in control
  • just chilling out without guilt! (watched quite a few funny films this week with one child or the other)
  • making the most of suddenly free-ed up but captive-in-the-house time: Christmas cake made, floors cleaned, lots of odd jobs finally finished
  • knowing that in terms of my work, I have prioritised the most important aspect – clients

Taking my own medicine: learning to be content and thankful in small things, recognise and pay attention to my own limits (enforced house rest does that to you!), letting go my need to control and valuing what really matters.



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