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Take a chance on … what?

What chances are out there?

I wish I had taken more chances.

Do you ever feel like that? How about getting to the end of your life, and looking back at lost opportunities, the ‘what ifs’, the fizzled-out dreams?

This next deathbed regret follows on the heels of last week’s: not only doing something as a means of moving forward, but going even further and doing something that might be a bit risky or involve the possibility of falling flat on your face if it all goes pear-shaped.

Now risk-taking is not everyone’s cup of tea, nor does everyone thrive on the challenge, the new, the adventure. For some, knowing the parameters within which they live, and remaining safe and under control within those parameters is part of how they are wired.

But I wonder if for most of us, there are situations in life that ask us to take a chance, try something new, step out of our comfort zone.

Why don’t we? Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Loss of control. Fear of what others might think. All possible and valid reasons.

But imagine if we did…..take that chance, try out that new idea/skill/relationship/business opportunity. Imagine the potential benefits: the opportunities to learn about ourselves, to give something back, to be more fulfilled and bring fulfilment to others, to expand our world view, to simply have fun.

Worth the risk?

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