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Is your life a custard cream?

Confectionery as life

Is your life a custard cream?

This is the question that was put to me by Younger daughter last week on the walk to school. We often have philosophical discussions in this precious time together – Do slugs get sunburned? Which is more fun – zombie tig or disco tig? What would my top three favourite [insert almost any subject you can imagine] be?

But this one really made me smile, and stop and think. Custard creams – nice¬†and tasty certainly, good with a cup of tea, but also¬†conventional and predictable, been around for ages, safe and a wee bit dull…..

Is that how I describe my life? I’d like to think not. Instead, I’d like my life to be a bag of space dust (I’m of a certain age to remember that, I think popping candy would be more clearly identifiable!) – colourful, fizzy, exciting, a bit unpredictable and unexpected, fun to share and a bit of a challenge (try putting a whole packet on your tongue, not eating it and keeping your mouth shut – very happy childhood memories!).

Her assessment of her own short life is that it is a triple layer iced chocolate cake with a cherry on top and extra cream on the side. She doesn’t do things in half measures, and certainly loves life and lives it to the full, so I like this image of her.

What about you? What confectionery best describes your life and why? A largely pointless question, I concur, but hey, on wet and miserable February day, quite a fun one.


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