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Hearing is believing

They say that seeing is believing. I’m not so sure. Of course, it depends on what it is we are seeking to believe in – be it a person, an event, a reality.

Hearing is believing

Hearing is believing

Sometimes I wonder that it is when we hear – and really listen under the surface – that we believe. Because it is often through truly listening, to what is being said and more importantly what is not being said, that we get an insight into what is going on inside the other. The other person feels valued and respected, the connection is strengthened, and there is greater understanding and empathy.

There is much to assault our auditory sense at this time of year. It is all too easy to tune out everything extraneous because we are so focused on the pre-Christmas preparation tasks or events in hand.

But what do we risk missing?

An innocuous comment that belies a deeper worry or fear might go unnoticed but for the tone and heaviness of the speaker, indicating a desperate need to share….a longing to be asked.

A cross remark might spark an argument, but the irritation of the speaker masks an underlying anxiety and stress about something much bigger – do we take time to stop and hear what is really going on?

Days can pass in a blur of events and preparations, and it is so easy to pass our nearest-and-dearest like ships in the night, communicating nothing more than instructions about who has to be where when and with what. How much harder it is to stop…make time…ask about the other and really listen to the answer….to believe in them again and in what makes the relationship important.

All those Christmas songs in the shops – can drive you nuts…..but it is all too easy to have noise constantly going, and sometimes silence is the tonic that brings calm and a right perspective.

Hearing is believing – what are you listening to, hearing, believing in this week?

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