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What are you exposing your mind to?

The law of exposure came up in a recent post as part of a discussion about learning contentment.

exposing your mind to nothing

Exposing your mind to nothing

The idea is simple – your mind thinks most about what it is exposed to. Time away on holiday highlighted a curious application of this. Because for two weeks, I was exposing my mind to very little, and therefore I thought about…well,

…..very little.

I found myself part way through the second week casting about in my head and finding that there was virtually nothing in there – no thoughts of any consequence, no worries, no reflections on life or even the beginnings of work plans for the autumn. I love my work, and love much of what I do in normal life. I like to come up with new ideas, change things, plan, and set goals.

But in having very little of that for my mind to be exposed to on holiday, I found that I thought about it not a jot. Weird, but very liberating. The same appeared true of my beloved – on questioning, he concurred that he had absolutely nothing in his head either.

We were of course exposing our minds to some things – a little bit of local culture, history, and wine production, the odd novel. Choices like: flume or lazy river? Castle or campsite? White or red?

But none of it was taxing, none of it demanded very much of us and therefore there was brain space to enjoy the nothingness. To be content with empty-headedness.

Life continuing like this is unsustainable and utterly unrealistic. That is the joy of holidays – they are often completely removed from normal life. But on return to that normality, what am I choosing to re-expose my mind to?

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