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What are the 10 steps to happiness?

I'd like to be given these!

How happy are you just now? And how on earth do you measure happiness? There is much interest in happiness in the media currently. Last month, a poll commissioned by Action for Happiness found that 87% of UK adults “were found to prefer the ‘greatest overall happiness and wellbeing’, rather than the ‘greatest overall wealth’ (8%), for the society they live in.” What would you have said? And what makes you happy? Of course, happiness can often be thought to be quite a superficial concept –  a product of our external circumstances, with little bearing or relevance when life is really tough. Words like joy and fulfillment carry more depth, and suggest an inner contentedness that provides stability and peace despite any external storms and challenges. 

But there seems to be more to happiness than perhaps we think. In a series of programmes on the radio this week, entitled “In search of Ourselves – a History of Psychology and the Mind”, the presenter is exploring the UK government’s plan for a national ‘happiness index’, including looking back over history to the roots of our search for ourselves. Well, to me this is just fascinating and right up my street!

So I dug a bit deeper, and found via the Action for Happiness site, 10 steps to happiness. Fabulously, they spell the acrostic GREAT DREAM – some very clever people have worked hard to come up with that – and the list is intriguing. So in my quest to encourage you to think, be your best self and life a full life, I thought it would be fun to expand on the steps over the next ten weeks,  give you practical ideas to try each step out, and see how your happiness indicator changes over that time! 

Step 1: Giving.

Random acts of kindness, giving of ourselves in lots of different ways, helping out others – all of this makes us happier and healthier. This probably won’t come as a huge surprise, but equally, how much fun to do, and how easy to start incorporating into your life right now. You can give money, time, help, yourself:

  • buy someone a wee unexpected gift, treat a friend in need to something delicious (I would love to receive these tasty morsels!), help someone out with a bill
  • help someone declutter part of their house that has been getting on top of them
  • phone an elderly relative for a chat
  • provide a listening ear to a friend in difficulty
  • play a game with your children on their terms
  • give someone a big, unexpected hug (Younger daughter excels at this)

What could you do? How many other ways of giving can you think of and put into practice over this next week to become a happier you?

6 Thoughts on “What are the 10 steps to happiness?

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