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Things to be thankful for in preparation

thankful in the preparations

Advent is a time of waiting and preparation.

And with two weeks to go until Christmas, preparations are in full swing. What preparations are you enjoying? And what is driving you nuts?

I am being exercised in the art of being thankful in amongst all the preparations. Sometimes it feels like the sheer volume of stuff going on at this time of year is enough to drive us over the edge – food, presents, cleaning, socialising, parties, multiple different school events with all the associated paraphernalia etc. And yet, all of those things in and of themselves can be great fun.

Which brings me back to thankfulness – why am I doing all of it?

What is my motive for a lot of what I do at this time of year, and what am I communicating to those around me by my attitude?

I am challenged daily to be thankful IN the preparations, to remind myself that we are in the Advent season and there is much that is good right under my nose, now, and not just on December 25th.

I am inspired to be thankful FOR the preparations, for helping hands, for delicious food, for choosing gifts for loved ones, for seeing children practise hard for concerts and shows.

And I am learning to prepare myself – to choose to be grateful, humble, cheerful, and bring out the best in those around me so we can prepare to celebrate what really matters to us together.

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