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Things to be thankful for in anticipation

Being thankful in anticipation

I was greeted this morning by super-excited younger daughter announcing that it is only 8 days till Christmas. The Advent calendar is looking more bare as the count-down removes more items. Pantos and parties today and tomorrow. Christmas baking, carols on the radio, lots of lit and sparkly trees to count in windows. Christmas concerts and shows.

Are you enjoying it, or feeling a bit frazzled? Maybe Christmas is a really difficult time of year, and you are dreading it.

It is easy to get caught up in the busyness….frantic shopping….commercialism….for the focus to be on the superficial and the insubstantive.

So this week, in the heightened anticipation of approaching Christmas, a simple reflection –

 What is it that matters to you most about Christmas?

What are you most thankful for in this season?

How can you take time to stop, breathe, be still for a minute and reflect on that?

In all the anticipation, I wish you a very happy Christmas, and time to be thankful, a time to enjoy loving and being loved by those that matter to you most. Perhaps even the One that for some, is at the centre of the Christmas celebration.

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