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Meaning-less or Meaning-full life?

What gives your life meaning      So we come to the last of the 10 Steps to Happiness, and this week is Meaninghaving a connection to something bigger than ourselves. What is that about? Well, for some, it will be a religious faith or spiritual connection. For others, it could be commitment to any number of causes, and on any scale. Perhaps we are passionate about the environment and work to protect our local green space and the community that use it. Maybe we are involved in campaigning for a local project, fundraising for a charity that is personal to us, or petitioning the government on some issue at national or international level. Some will find meaning and a sense of calling right under their noses, in their homes and family.

The important thing is to have something in our lives that gives us that sense of meaning and purpose, something bigger than ourselves to which we make a contribution.

How do we get there? One starting point is to consider what people, activities and belief systems create in us the strongest sense of purpose. Ask yourself:

What really stirs me up?

What do I get on my soap box about?

What am I really passionate about?

What would others say I don’t stop talking about?!

Answering those questions will give you a clearer idea of what matters most to you. The next step is working out how you can get involved in activities linked to that bigger issue, or prioritise such activities. Often life whips past us at such a frenetic pace that we miss the opportunities to be involved or to contribute what we can, and we lose sight of what gives our lives meaning.

Another approach to this that flips the perspective around on your life (and you know how I like perspective!) is to consider your legacy.

What do you want to leave behind at the end of your life?

What do you want to be known for?

What would you like to be said about you once you have departed this earth?

I don’t want to get all morbid or morose here – but simply to challenge you, and me, to live now in a way that enables us to make that contribution to whatever it is that matters to us most. For everyone that will be different, and this is not about comparisons. It is simply about committing to and prioritising activities that give us meaning and purpose in life, to which we can make a contribution, and which will bring out the best in us and what we uniquely have to offer. Meaning – where do you get it from?




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