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It’s perfectly ok to not be perfect

We're not living in a perfect world!

We’re not living in a perfect world!

Ooh, a really thorny one this week – Acceptance. Being kinder to yourself when you get it wrong. Accepting that no-one is perfect, and that yes, you are going to get it wrong sometimes, but dwelling on those faults will cause a spiral downwards out of which it is hard to climb. Accepting yourself warts and all – the ninth key to Happiness.

How often do we play the Comparisons Game?

“If only I was as clever/arty/thin/attractive/generous as ………..”

“I will be happier about myself when …………. “

“If only I was less short tempered/shy/fat/ugly/…….”

“I wish I was more like……..”

This is exhausting, and keeps our focus on what we are not and can’t do, rather than enjoying what we are, and have, and can do.

It is a sure and guaranteed way to be unhappy, and to allow much of life to pass us by as we live in a boggy mire of self doubt and self criticism, regret and recrimination.

We have all done this, we have all lived like this. But the great thing is, we don’t have to! We have choice, and we can choose to respond to ourselves differently.

This is not about sweeping under the carpet the mistakes we’ve made, or ignoring what we are not good at. But it is about acknowledging and enjoying what we are good at – our strengths, skills, personality traits – and taking responsibility for the downsides of who we are, what might be called our weaknesses. Not beating ourselves up about them, but seeing them for what they are, and choosing to change our response to something more positive and life affirming.

Acceptance is choosing to feel ok about ourselves even when we have got it wrong. It is facing up to when we have made a mistake, learning from that mistake, and choosing to respond differently next time – and then letting it go.

Acceptance is recognising what we are not good at, and finding someone who is good at that, and working together – recognising that each of us is unique, and together, we can be greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Acceptance is agreeing that, in the words of the song Perfectly OK, by the fantastic Fischy Music folk,


2 Thoughts on “It’s perfectly ok to not be perfect

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    • Catriona Futter on July 18, 2014 at 9:56 am said:

      Thanks for the feedback! Of course – I love to encourage and inspire through my blog, so if sharing it on yours encourages others, than that’s great! If you can reference me, and point them back this way, that would be much appreciated. And if you want more, do download the free coaching guide by signing up in the box on the top left.
      Best wishes for all your endeavours

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