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How full is your glass?

What produces positive emotions in you?

What are you feeling good about today? About yourself? The world around you? Perhaps your work, or family?

This key to happiness is perhaps more obvious – the importance of Emotions, namely positive ones, like joy, gratitude, contentment, inspiration and pride (feeling appropriately proud, not proud in an arrogant way you understand). I have always been a “glass half full” person, an aspect of my character that my nearest-and-dearest don’t always find┬ávery easy to live with. I will generally try and see the positive in any situation, and encourage them to do likewise, when sometimes the preferred option would be to stay in a grumpy mire, feeling a teensy bit sorrowful. Nothing wrong with this for a short time, but stay there long term and your world closes down around you.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not advocating an unrealistic, papering-over-the-bad stuff, ‘don’tworrybehappy’ approach, as this is very unhelpful and can have the opposite effect to that intended.

Nor am I diminishing the devastating effect of depression, both for the person suffering directly, and for those loved ones around about them. Depression has directly affected my family, I am well versed in the destructive ways of the Black Dog.

But there is good evidence to show that regularly experiencing positive emotions, and looking for the good in any given situation, builds our resources and spirals us upwards rather than downwards. This is hard to argue against:

“fear closes down our minds and hearts, whereas positive emotions literally open up our minds and hearts

they really change our mindsets and our biochemistry”

– Dr Barbara Fredrickson, Psychology Prof, North Carolina University

(From the Action for Happiness website)

I can speak for my own experience of practicing being thankful in the midst of a dire family crisis – the crisis didn’t change, but my perspective did.

A dear now-departed Dutch friend used to talk of the importance of giving your liver a good shake everyday ie: having a right good belly laugh.

And the perspective shift that is choosing to see what I do have, and be content with that, rather than regret or resent what I do not have, is so much easier to live with and brings real contentment.

So this week, consider how you could try some of these:

  • list all the things about the last 24 hours that you are thankful for

  • express your pride in the achievements of someone you love, no matter what size

  • watch a funny film with some friends/your kids and laugh until you cry

  • write down all the things that you like about your life currently, and allow that to develop a sense of contentment

  • on that note, contentment and complacency are very different – this isn’t about passively accepting your lot and staying stuck where you are. So no matter where you are in life just now, list a few things you could do that inspire creativity in you.

As usual, all simply food for thought, ideas to get you thinking outside the normal humdrum of life and recognising the tools you to choose positive emotions.

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    • Catriona Futter on July 18, 2014 at 9:57 am said:

      Thanks! Really appreciate that! I love to encourage and inspire folk through what I write, and make them think, so glad you have found it helpful. For more tips and ideas, download my free coaching guide by signing up on the form on the top left of this page.
      Best wishes,

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