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Happy Thanksgiving – it’s that time of year again!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week sees the celebration of Thanksgiving taking place across America, and further afield for those with links to that marvelous tradition.

I have written and reflected often on the power of being thankful – how it shifts our perspective, prompts us to be aware of what is good even in the midst of what is hard, and inspires in us a more outward looking view of our lives.

As a Scot, I have no authority or experience from which to discuss the origins or traditions of Thanksgiving. But from what I have gleaned from American friends, and a little research, it is a celebration of family, food, football, parades and shopping. It is a time to stop, be thankful for an abundant harvest, or an abundance of whatever the modern equivalent.

A day to go home, to be with loved ones, to stop and celebrate all that is good about life.

And it strikes me that there is no better way to prepare for the coming of Christmas, and the season of Advent which precedes it, than a time of stopping and being thankful.

Advent is a season of preparation, expectation, waiting and hope.

In reality, advent is often a time of crazy busyness – shopping, cooking, preparing, wrapping, card writing, parties, plays, pantos – and stress – the cumulative effect of all of the above, plus fraught relationships, office party politics, burning the candle at both ends, trying to please and appease everyone.

So what better way to start the Christmas build up and preparations than with a time to reflect, take stock and celebrate all that we have and are.

A time to be thankful for who and what really matter to us

so that we have a right perspective as we buy presents and cook food.

So this week, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, and encourage you to take a few minutes to simply stop, look around you at your life, and be thankful.

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