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Goals. No, not football!

What direction are you going in?

Do you know where you are going in life?

Imagine living life with no sense of direction or purpose, no idea of what you are aiming for. Sadly, in this crazy frenetic world, sometimes that is exactly how we do end up living, at least for a season. It seems there isn’t the time to step back and look at our lives, what we have learned, from where we have come, and then dream and plan for where we want to go.  But without goals, life can seem meaningless, bland, and lacking in purpose. Sounds a bit grim doesn’t it!

However, much can be done to change this, and the sixth step to happiness is Direction – having goals for life. Happiness doesn’t just happen, or suddenly land in our laps. Working out what is important to us, and then thinking, planning, and pursuing those things brings fulfillment and happiness. And that involves creating goals. Goals motivate us, give us a sense of achievement and fulfillment, challenge and inspire us, and focus our efforts and use of time/skills/energy.

That said, they can’t be just any old goals –

If they are not your goals, you won’t own them and they won’t motivate you.

If they are too big, the risk is you will become overwhelmed into inertia, and give up.

If they are too vague, it is hard to know how to channel your energies into specific activities towards your goal.

If they are too small, and reached too easily, you risk missing out on your full potential.

SO – how to create Goldilocks goals – goals that are just right. The world of management is full of good ideas and management-speak, and one that works well here is very simple. Create goals that are SMART.

S – specific: keeps you focused

M – measurable: enables you to check your progress, and celebrate achieving your goal

A – attainable, attractive: do-able, you feel good about it, depends on your own choices not someone else’s

R – realistic, relevant: you can envisage yourself doing it, enjoyable, therefore less likely to give up

T – time bound: a deadline gives you more motivation, an end point and a means of providing accountability

Not rocket science. None of this stuff is – but putting it into practice can be life changing. So what are your dreams? Why not take an hour this next week to write down your dreams, create SMART goals for the top two or three, and start working towards them. Imagine your life with direction and a clear sense of not only where you are going but how to get there. Yes please!


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