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Urgent? Really? Or is it Important?


So, a short time after that last post, and already I am slipping back into gerbil-wheel-living. All too quickly my mind will fill up with Things I Need To Do, bombarding me with their urgency and demanding my attention. And indeed, many of them do need to be done, but not necessarily now, at the cost of enjoying the moment I am currently in. So I am learning to ask the question – is this really urgent? And the bigger question, what is actually important just now. So often we get urgent and important mixed up. Urgent things press round us, weighing us down and often robbing us of joy. There will never be an end to them, that is the reality of our modern lifestyles, but how we approach them and our – wait for it – perspective on them can change. But important things, well they take a little bit of a step backwards from life to identify. We can choose to climb into the box marked Important, protected for that moment from the relentless barrage of Urgent that assaults us, and relish the fulfillment of doing something with lasting value. For me, important things would be phoning or texting an encouragement to a friend; spending unadulterated and focussed time with my children (how often do I respond to the request “come and see this!” with “I’ll be there in a minute….”? What does that communicate to them about how much they matter to me?); recharging my spiritual batteries first, not thinking I can do that once I have done everything else; stopping and being thankful right here and now for whatever is under my nose. This is me – what about you?


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