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Being thankful for Now

October 2013 122

So it occurs to me after a week of being especially aware of the power and importance of thankfulness, and a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, that this is a great way bring one’s focus back to the present and live in the Now. Learning to enjoy The Now Thing and not always be rushing headlong into The Next Thing is always going to be a tricky challenge as we live our lives at full pelt with all the wonders of 24 hour technology, instant this and instant that pressing for our attention whilst we simultaneously juggle what is actually important to us – family, friends, work commitments, time to recharge our own batteries. But this week I have been much more intentional and deliberate about being thankful throughout the day, for big things and little things. It takes time, discipline and practice, all things that run the risk of being less familiar in our instant world but which are unavoidable and inescapable truths none the less. But it is also fun – stopping in the middle of something to enjoy whatever it is, and then appreciate it, verbally or otherwise, especially when there is someone else involved and you thank them right there and then for them and their role in your life. It really does slow the moment, restore focus¬†and allow just a wee breather in the middle of life. None of this is new of course, none of these are original thoughts, and awareness of the benefits of being thankful are well documented. That said, if you are like me, the odd reminder does not go amiss. What are you thankful for today? How many times can you express thanks in a day?

2 Thoughts on “Being thankful for Now

  1. Thanks for your gentle reminder that expressing thanks never gets too out of style or old. No one is going to roll their eyes at someone who genuinely shows thankfulness!

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