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Balancing act? Or acting balanced?


Balance. There is an interesting word. A simple concept, but like so much of life, much harder to put into practice and live by. Look it up in the dictionary and you get words like equilibrium, harmony, calmness. Does that describe your life? And what about the opposite, being out of balance? As a physiotherapist, I have worked with many to regain balance as a pre-requisite for standing and walking, things many of us take for granted until we cannot, for whatever reason, do them. A lack of physical balance creates tension elsewhere in the body from over compensating. Some muscles become overworked and painful, some become wasted through lack of use. Everything is harder and requires more mental and physical effort. Practice is needed, mistakes often made, and ultimately a lack of balance can lead to a fall. Any of this sound familiar at all? Sometimes our lives can be like that – certain areas of our lives are overworked, stretched to breaking point, sources of tension. Other areas are neglected, wasting away. How balanced is your life? Where are the points of tension as a result? Perhaps not enough time with your nearest-and-dearest, despite recognising them as important in your life. Perhaps not enough time for you, doing simple things that you love that restore your soul. Perhaps too much time scurrying around doing urgent things at the cost of what is important. I can tick all those boxes, but I am learning. Slowly.

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